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At EHG, we include user feedback in everything we do — from designing studies, building online communities, developing compelling video content, to testing out tech-enabled solutions. Hearing the user voice directly helps us better identify and understand unmet needs, and as result, build solutions that solve specific challenges.  

Below we are showcasing testimonials from the many stakeholders we engage on a daily basis — patients, providers, caregivers, care workers and more.

Our work is global, and so is our perspective. While there are commonalities in the macro-conditions all stakeholders deal with, cultural tailoring requires a deeper level of understanding. Our work covers the globe from Boston to South Carolina, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and to Shanghai and Beijing in China.


Having conversations about safe sex and other sex-related topics can be a daunting experience. In this video a leading expert in HIV treatment provides tips around how to have these types of discussions with patients in a way that feels natural.  

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“Up to 25% of new cases of HIV are in women over 50 and more than 50% of people living with HIV are over 50, so it’s clearly something older people are at risk for”
-Infectious disease physician, Boston, Ma

Being over 50 and divorced is no reason to sit home alone! In this video, older women tell real-life stories of dating, romance, and safe sex after divorce. Tips are shared on how to be smart and safe as you step towards what’s next.